Ameri Tech
Many Advantages Make AMMO Plastic Media a Smart Choice:

Recyclable Economies

Based on proper operating procedures and recycling equipment, plastic media can be recycled a number of times.  This is an advantage compared to expensive chemical use involving time consuming clean up and possible hazardous and safety issues. 


Favorable Results

Unlike abrasive methods like hand sanding or abrasive disc sanding, plastic media will not harm surfaces when used under proper operating procedures.  Plastic media is non toxic and not subject to safety and handling restrictions as with chemical cleaning methods.


Quality Consistent Production and Sizing

The Amer Tech quality manufacturing process results in a fully polymerized, cured product, with cured polymer resins (thermosets).  This process also results in consistent and accurate sizing of media - a must when a smooth substrate and finish is required.


Uniform Consistency

Manufactured within tight tolerances, hardness and sizing constraints resulting in uniform particle sizes, which in turn, produce smooth, even surfaces and finishes.


Abundant Stock

Ameri Tech produces and stocks numerous sizes and can custom mix any combination of mesh sizes.  We ship the same or next day to worldwide destinations.


Non-Silicosis Factor

As a non-silica based and inert media, the inhalation of dangerous dust is minimized as a health hazard.  As always, use approved, proper respiration equipment, dust collection and  ventilation equipment when blasting.



The Ameri Tech proprietary Anti-Stat application and pre treatment virtually eliminates static clinging of the product to surfaces and equipment during the blasting process.



The plastic media product will not absorb moisture and has a limitless shelf life.  This is an advantage when compared to agricultural based medias that are subject to mold, mildew and other potential harmful inhabitants.




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